Thursday, June 10, 2010

Observations of a Mommy

Even before getting pregnant I read all the books on the bestsellers list about "what to expect when pregnant," and others of the sort. Throughout my pregnancy I read more books on the subject, watched Discovery Channel programs, and researched via the internet any and all subject matter pertaining to being a Mother. I sought advice from my own family, and was offered an abundance of "free" advice from friends, relatives, and total strangers.

However, nothing could have fully prepared me for the incredible journey I was about to begin, and would continue taking for the rest of my life-the journey of Motherhood.

Our beloved children, our precious little Miracles and gifts from God, Noah Elrod and Dovie Grace, celebrated their second birthday on September 11, 2010 while we were living as Expats in Singapore. It seems like only yesterday I was watching them move about in my huge belly as I waited ever so patiently for their arrival into the world. They are amazing children, beautiful inside and out, funny, smart, and oh so loving. They are kind and gentle, and sometimes they are temperamental and rough. Being twins, they are abundant with similarity, and they are also unique individually.

I love to observe them when they are unaware that I am watching, and always I am both surprised and proud of what I see. I see Noah, Dovie's "older" brother by 3 minutes, giving his "little" sister a hug or giving her the piece she needs to complete a puzzle. I see Dovie lovingly sharing a toy or her milk with Noah. There are times too where I see Dovie sneak in a quick bite on Noah's arm when she doesn't get her way, and Noah smack Dovie atop her head when he gets mad. These are the times I step in and quickly make my presence known.

Now, at 28 months old Noah and Dovie are meeting and exceeding all of their milestones, and everyday I am amazed at how well they are developing physically, cognitively, and emotionally. They are excellent puzzle solvers, and they have become quite the little artists. When they color I've noticed that they try to stay "within the lines" of the pictures, and they are also choosing the appropriate colors for their artwork. They have mastered the art of imitation, something that keeps Mommy and Daddy on their toes in minding their manners and their language. Speaking of language, Noah and Dovie love learning new words. They have mastered their ABC's and numbers, and they are forming complete sentences consisting of as many as 10 words-they amaze me every day.

Every night when I tuck them into their beds, they put their sweet little hands together in prayer position and say "Pray Mommy!" Later, after I've come downstairs I'll hear them via the baby monitor singing softly, "Jesus Loves Me." Then, usually, Dovie Grace will, in a gentle voice say "I want a little milk Mommy. Just a little bit of milk." This lasts a few minutes, until she drifts off to sleep. Then, I'll hear Noah Elrod talking to himself as he plays with his Buzz Lightyear, and then I'll hear Buzz chime in with a "To infinity and beyond!" It's times like these that I realize just how blessed Joshua and I are to have our Little Angels.

It's funny, there are times during the day when I feel tired, get a little frustrated and just want to sit down, relax, and have some quiet time just to myself. But I have to admit, the quiet time that comes after our children have gone to sleep always has me entering their room, tucking them back in, kissing them and telling them how much I love them, and wishing they were awake so that I could enjoy their company some more. Until morning, which always promises a new adventure, I'll wait with anticipation and enter my own dreamland thanking God for giving me the greatest Gift of Motherhood.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Welcome to My Story!


Thank you kindly for visiting my site and taking the time to read my story. My purpose in sharing my life is to inspire and encourage women of any age to get into and stay in the best shape and health of their life. I am especially passionate about helping other Moms become fit and healthy, allowing them to better enjoy the blessings of their children, to set a positive example for them, and to live a longer, fuller life.

I am not a doctor, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, or a licensed medical practitioner. What I am is a 39 year old Mommy of Twin Toddlers who has experienced for herself the battle of the buldge and the victory of healthy, natural weight loss. I am a Mom who after finally getting pregnant with Twins via IVF, was told by many people that I would never get all my weight off, and that my body would never return to its pre-pregnancy shape. I am a Mom who ignored the naysayers and made a commitment to myself and to my children that I would become The Fit Healthy Mom and my own Superhero.

Through my posts I will share with you the steps I took to lose 89 pounds, and go from a size 12 to a size 4 in just a few months. It was not easy, there were no "magic" pills that melted away my fat, and yes I had to do a lot of work. However, I made the "work" fun and enjoyable so it became something I looked forward to doing every day. Despite struggling with my weight for most of my life and having a family history of obesity, I have become a Fit Healthy Mom-and you can become one too!