The Inspiration for My Journey

The story of Joshua and I is a long and exciting one, and I'll tell you that story later.  For now, I will tell you that we began dating on February 4, 2000, he propsed to me on February 4, 2004, and we married on September 25, 2004.  He is my knight in shining armor!

After years of trying to conceive, my Husband Joshua and I sought the help of Dr. Robert Friedman, OBGYN of Houston, Texas.  He made a diagnosis and referred us to Houston IVF, where we would undergo fertility treatment.  Drs Hickman and McKenzie and their entire team were caring, compassionate, and encouraging throughout this emotional and physically challenging process.  Our prayers were answered and our dreams became a reality on September 11, 2008, the day before Hurricane Ike hit Houston and the day before my 36th birthday. 

Our precious miracle babies, Noah Elrod and Dovie Grace were born healthy at 36 weeks.  It was that day I realized I was now a Mother, responsible for two tiny little lives.  It was the day that changed me forever.

When I gave birth I weighed 235 pounds.  Although I lost a few pounds in the weeks following my delivery, by Christmas I had put on more weight.  I remember being in my closet, trying to find something-anything, that would fit me and nothing did.  Joshua came in the closet, found me in tears and in his sweet supportive way, hugged me and said "Don't worry sweetheart, you'll be back into your clothes soon."  I told him that the clothes that I no longer fit into were my maternity clothes, which fit me when I gave birth and now did not.  Shortly after New Year's I saw myself on a family video and it was at that moment I realized I had to make some serious changes in order to be able to fully enjoy the abundant blessings of our children we had worked so very hard for. 

Seeing myself on that video was a wake up call.  It was at that moment I decided to take control of my life.  For me this meant much more than just losing the weight.  It meant making all the necessary changes to be healthy both inside and out.  I was ready to take on this challenge!

I started weight training in my living room while the babies napped, and I started walking on our treadmill for 20-30 minutes about 3 days a week.  I monitored my calories but not necessarily the nutrition I was-or was not putting into my body.  Slowly over the next couple of months I lost a few pounds but not inches and my clothes still did not fit.  Being an independent person all my life and not wanting to have to ask for help, I was determined to do this all on my own.  However, what I was doing was not working and once again I turned to my OBGYN, Dr. Robert Friedman, for guidance.  After all, he had brought me through a successful very near to full term high risk twins pregnancy without complication, therefore I trusted him to advise me on losing my weight.
I remembered sitting with Joshua in Dr. Friedman's waiting room before our numerous ultrasound appointments.  We read magazines, talked, held hands, and viewed a video about some all natural weight loss products sold in the office.  I was skeptical about taking anything for weight loss, as I had tried it all before and I figured these products would be no different in either the results or the side effects I'd experience:  yo-yo weight loss, mood swings, jittery, insomnia, addictive, etc...  However, after thinking it over and trusting in my good doctor's judgement and credibility, I knew he would offer nothing but the best and the highest quality for his patients.  Sure enough, he suggested that I get started on these products, and it was now safe to do so as I was finished breastfeeding.

I'll talk more about what happened when I began taking the products, and rest assured it is a great story!

For now, what I want you to understand is that the inspiration to begin my journey to weight loss and better health is my family.  My Husband Joshua, and my children Noah Elrod and Dovie Grace, are the loves of my life.  I'd worked so hard to be a Wife and a Mother, and I wanted to enjoy living a quality life to the fullest with my new family for many years to come.  I knew that with all the excess weight I would not meet this goal, but instead I would meet a terrible fate in the form of numerous health problems and a shortened life span.  What legacy would this leave my childen?  What example would I be setting for them by not taking care of myself and being unhealthy?  What would the future hold for them? 

One day I watched Joshua sleeping while holding our children in his arms.  At that moment, I fell in love with him all over again.  He had always been my Superhero, and now I desired to be a Superhero to him and to our children.  I wanted to be all that I knew I could be for myself, for my Husband, and for our Children.  I was deeply inspired!

Thus I embarked on my journey to become The Fit Healthy Mom-my own Superhero!


  1. Your story is truly inspirational. I never knew any of this about you, probably because I knew you before it all happened. I was one of the people you trained at aforementioned company. Even back then you were motivating....I don't want to say that I looked forward to going into training during that week but you definitely made it interesting. I looked up to you back then and now after reading your blogs I can't help but have even more respect for you. I'm glad I stumbled onto your website I've had similar problems with my mom and reading your story kinda helps. I'm sorry for the loss you had, you were one of those people that you just never wanted anything bad to happen to, because you brought so much joy to everyone else.

    1. Courtney, thank you so much for your kind words. They really mean a lot to me. I am blessed to have had me experiences, even the bad ones. Through them my faith in the Lord has been strengthened, and for that I am grateful.