Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rasperry Waffle Sandwich

Good Morning All!

This morning's breakfast was a sweet surprise for Noah & Dovie, and I am excited to share the recipe with you! It is easy as pie, and tastes as good as pie too! It has a beautiful presentation, and it would make the perfect breakfast or even dessert for Valentine's Day.

Toast 2 Whole Grain Belgium Waffles, then cut each in half so you now have 4 pieces.

Spread Lemon Pudding** (you can use any kind-I made my own using real lemons) on the tops of 2 pieces.

Place fresh Raspberries on top of pudding, then cover each piece with other piece of toast, like a sandwich.

Spread pudding on top of each sandwich followed by raspberries.

Top with whip cream and 1 or 2 Raspberries.

**I added Jay Robb Whey Protein into the pudding.

While this looks lovely served on a plate, I served Noah & Dovie's in bowls, and cut them up making it easier to eat.

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